Joshua Stein



Ground Leases

A Guide to Ground Leases (With Forms And Checklists) [2005]
American Law Institute - American Bar Association (Out of Print)

Ground leases are a peculiar combination of a purchase and sale, and a lease, all negotiated against a backdrop of what a leasehold lender will expect. This book explores all the major issues -- and many minor ones -- with specific examples, lots of model language, and humor and insight. Joshua Stein plans to write a second edition and publish it himself. In preparation for that process, comments and suggestions from readers and potential readers are invited. Please direct any comments or suggestions to

This book is no longer available from the original publishers. To obtain an electronic copy of the book, please send a check for $174.15 ($159.95 + $14.20 NYC sales tax) to Joshua Stein PLLC at Post Office Box 8000, NY, NY 10150. Payment can also be made via PayPal, Zelle or Chase QuickPay with the username When you send money by any means, you will not receive a copy of the book unless you notify the author via email at That email should include your name, email address, and phone number.

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